Wasp Nest Removal, Wasp Control, Bee Control in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Red
Nuisance Level: Red

If you have a wasp or bee nest close to or on your property, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT. Contact the expert wasps and bee removal team here at The Pest Technician by calling 077 11 99 22 16.

Wasps and bees can deliver a nasty sting which can cause a distressing reaction in some people called anaphylaxis. The problem is that until you are stung, you won’t know if you are allergic to wasp and bee stings or not. This is why when a wasp or bee colony takes up residence close to, in or on your property, the only safe solution is to call The Pest Technician.

The problem with bees

There are many species of bee in the UK but some are on the verge of extinction, with three species already thought to have died out. Not all bees make honey that we can eat but every species of bee is important to the pollination of crops and flowers.

Despite this, bees are not protected. But as a pest controller with a keen sense of looking after the natural environment, where possible we relocate bees, especially the honey bee.

The problem with wasps

Wasps can figure in their thousands in a large nest but can become aggressive if they think their nest is under attack. It may be that as people pass it several times a day, the workers feel that their queen is facing a threat and race out to protect her.

A wasp nest has a limited lifecycle, starting with the mated queen in spring and building right through the summer until a mated female is sent from the nest in autumn. The remaining queen and her wasps die out.

There may be occasions when nature taking its course over the summer months doesn’t present a problem but, in most cases, nests are built in the most unusual and uncomfortable of places.

Do NOT under any circumstance attempt to remove the wasp nest yourself. Wearing protective clothing, we first make the wasps drowsy to reduce the chances of being stung and then we exterminate the nest, removing it and its content so you, your family, pets, neighbours or work colleagues, customers and so on, are safe from the threat of being stung.

Why call The Pest Technician?

We can deal safely and quickly with a bee or wasp nest. Treatment options are effective and affordable but more importantly, our response to your call is swift.

Don’t live with the danger of a bee or wasp nest in or around your property. Call The Pest Technician NOW on 077 11 99 22 16.