Garden Mole Control & Molecatcher Services in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Amber
Nuisance Level: Amber

The mole is elusive. Characterised in many children’s stories as a bespectacled, gentle animal, the mole has poor eye sight but incredible hearing capabilities.

Even with noisy roads and playgrounds above it, the mole can hear the sound of soil-borne insects and worms moving around, making a tasty meal.

Why do moles have a low danger level?

The mole is a solitary mammal, spending most of its time alone. It only seeks out the company of other moles during the breeding season. They spend their time digging tunnels and searching out food.

They don’t, in the main, present a danger to human health, being more of a nuisance than anything else. This is why they are given a low level danger warning but landowners and groundsmen consider them a nuisance, especially their molehills.

BUT, although three to five moles per acre is considered a lot, when many moles do inhabit a small area, their tunnelling activities can make the ground above them unstable.

For farmers, estate managers and other landowners, this is bad news for their livestock. This is why when this happens, the danger level rises to amber.

How can moles be dealt with?

There are various means of dealing with moles with solutions dependent on the location and the extent of the problem too;

  • Single mole problems are best solved with a mole trap – in some cases, we can relocate the mole to its natural habitat, i.e. local woodland.
  • For larger mole infestations – as we are qualified in the use of Aluminium Phosphine gassing technique, this would be the most cost-effective approach.

However, dealing with the mole is one thing but it also important to block off tunnels recently vacated as left empty, another mole will simply move in.

Can I deal with moles myself?

Unless you are aware of mole habits and their favoured habitats, the only real cost effective and time-saving solution is to call a local and qualified pest controller – and that means calling The Pest Technician!

We have worked with landowners, estate managers, gamekeepers, farmers, equestrian businesses and local riding stables to reduce and limit the number of moles on their land. It is an important part of active land management.

So, if you have a mole in the bowling green or your land is awash with mole hills, call The Pest Technician on 077 11 99 22 16 or email the team today.