Flea Control & Flea Treatments in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Green
Nuisance Level: Green

Contrary to what you may think, fleas are NOT a sign of poor hygiene of housekeeping. Fleas have been around for millennia, causing animals and humans to be uncomfortable. They don’t spread disease, but the itchy bites they leave behind on humans and pets are a nuisance. And, they can spread quickly in a property too.

What are fleas?

Fleas are tiny, irritating and flightless insects that are hard to detect. However, if you spot one, they are reddish-brown in colour and are compressed, with flattened bodies. This makes them super hard to squish even if you do manage to get hold of one.

They are wingless but are great at jumping. With an 8inch jump in a straight line, they can easily jump from ground level onto you or your pet.

They feed on blood with the female flea consuming 15 times its own body weight in blood every day. They leave tell-tale excrement signs which is partially digested blood and is known as flea dirt. Comb your dog or cat, and you may see small flecks which you think are dirt – but look closely as it may be flea poop.

How to get rid of fleas

Fleas hitch a ride into your property on you, your pets, other people, bags and so on. Once inside, they enjoy the warmth and the fact that there is a ready food source to hand.

They not only breed quickly but also distribute themselves across a property, you and your pets. Thus, to get rid of fleas quickly and effectively you need to;

  1. Understand the lifecycle of the flea – it’s short but they are tenacious insects
  2. Understand the current treatment options – fleas have become immune to some treatments so use the latest ones advised by your vet to treat your pets
  3. Understand how to use treatments correctly – this is a reason, some experts say, why fleas have become more of a problem in recent years
  4. Understand that your pets and home must be treated on the same day
  5. Understand that more than one application may be needed

Why call The Pest Technician to deal with a flea problem?

We understand how irritating fleas can be and also the embarrassment of ‘admitting your home or business has a flea problem’. You want it dealing with quickly and without a hefty bill at the end.

We offer a discreet service and we offer a professional and effective one. Call us today on 077 11 99 22 16 to arrange your free onsite assessment.