Fox Control & Fox Removal Services in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Green
Nuisance Level: Green

When it comes to foxes, we are a divided nation. Foxes are not just prevalent in rural areas either. There is now estimated to be 33,000 foxes living in towns and cities across the country.

What is the problem with foxes?

Foxes are given a green danger level as they are a nuisance but don’t threaten the safety of humans or spread disease.

However, with fox hunting such a hotly debated topic, working with fox issues with rural and urban customers is a sensitive topic.

Foxes in the wild

Foxes are natural predators who prey on small rodents and rabbits. In fact, without foxes, the wild rabbit population would be more of a problem than it already is.

But for farmers, the real issue is the damage foxes do to their lambs in lambing season and their hunting instinct for poultry and other birds.

Foxes in the town and cities

Foxes are like most other pests – when they spot something that they like, like a bin full of discarded food scraps – they dive in. And they will keep coming back to that food source until it is depleted or removed.

Why do foxes become a nuisance?

They seek out food sources, safe places to make their home and the like. But at certain times of the year when it is breeding season, the female fox – the vixen – has a howling, piercing scream to attract a mate.

How does The Pest Technician deal with foxes?

First and foremost, in the urban setting we look at ways that the fox can be prevented from accessing food sources and other materials. This means making sure bins are tightly covered and so on.

In exceptional circumstances, it may be that the fox and its young if necessary, are live trapped and then released back into a rural habitat.

For farmers and landowners suffering from fox attacks on livestock, we can work with them to cull fox numbers in their area.

As with all pests, we ONLY offer humane solutions to fox problems. If necessary, a trapped foxed will be euthanised and we will only shoot foxes in a rural setting, and not lay poison or use dogs.

Foxes can be a nuisance which is why you need our team, call us today on 077 11 99 22 16.