Getting to Know ‘The Pest Technician’

The thought is distressing enough but when you do discover a pest problem, whether that is a rat problem, a wasp nest or fleas in your property, it becomes an acute problem.

You want swift action.

You want treatment to be effective.

But you don’t want to pay a small fortune for it.

Thankfully, when you call The Pest Technician, you will be in the safe hands of Dale Carter, a pest control expert with an enviable reputation for always getting the pest.

But who is he really?

A Superhero in a Pest Control Uniform

For anyone who has been at the mercy of a pest, whether that is scuttling past a wasp nest hoping to remain undetected or discovered bugs in the bed, you will no doubt see Dale as some kind of hero. Because in many ways he is.

With discretion assured, he surveys the problem, gives you options with your budget in mind and then sets about his work. He has a range of tools and methods at his disposal, all humane, all safe and all within the law.

There are laws about how pests can be disposed of and this is why calling in a professional pest technician such as Dale is essential.

Did you know, for example, that…

  • It is illegal to reintroduce a grey squirrel back to the wild?
  • Or that causing unnecessary suffering is an offence for which you can be fined heavily if convicted?
  • Or that for some pests, there are only two extermination options that are allowed to be used?
  • Or did you know that Dale, like other highly qualified and experienced pest technicians, would prefer to relocate some ‘pests’, like bees, because they are vital to the local environment (as well as the global one)?

Bringing the Past with Him

Dale hasn’t always been a pest controller. Serving for 22 years in the military means that he brings many skills with him, patience and pragmatism being just two.

‘Catching’ a pest means really understanding it, its habitat, what is attracting it to the area and its routine. Rats, for example, will skirt around the edges of a cellar or a field, rarely crossing across open ground where it is vulnerable to predators. So, traps and poison need to lay where the rat will come across it. But it is a suspicious creature, so it takes perseverance on Dale’s part, but he always gets the pest. Always.

Family Values

A family man who has lived in the area for years, he understands the terrain but also understands the concerns that customers have when they find themselves under siege from a pest. That is one thing, but making sure that the treatments and methods used are safe is another.