Contacting The Pest Technician

When you discover a pest problem, you want the problem resolving quickly. And that means getting hold of a professional, qualified and reputable pest control technician quickly.

In the modern digital age, there are all kinds of communication avenues open to the customer seeking the affordable, safe and humane pest control services of Dale and his team. No matter what your preferred method of communicating is, from carrier pigeon to a cry for help on social media, The Pest Technician has it all…

Need more information first?

We completely understand which is why The Pest Technician website is full of fantastic information about all kinds of pests. Just click on the pest you need to know more about. If you need help to deal with a pest or simply need some more advice on a problem, use the Contact Us form on the website.

Need an immediate response?

Sometimes, you need not only to book Dale as soon as possible, but you also need someone to assure that pest problems can happen to anyone, at any time, in any place. And that includes inside and outside your home. You may also have discovered a pest that presents a serious and immediate concern for you, your family, your customers or your pet’s safety.

There is no denying that calling Dale is the best option: 07711 992 216.

Share the Story

Social media is a great place to share information, make contact and marvel at how the world works. And the world of pest control is fast-paced and exciting, which is why Dale and the team share stories via various social media platforms;

  • Instagram is the photo-sharing platform that is incredibly popular. You can see Dale’s work as well as make contact with him to ask him for advice, as well as book him for an on-site assessment. Find him on Instagram as thepesttechnician.
  • Twitter is another sharing platform whereby most users have only 140 characters to express their thoughts and stories (although some looking users are being given more characters!). Find Dale on Twitter @PestTechnician1
  • Facebook has billions of active users across the globe and Dale is one of them. A great place to find out more about the man behind the uniform, you can find Dale on Facebook You can watch his latest videos and photos, or you can message him too. But for all urgent pest control jobs, please call his mobile.
  • LinkedIn is used mainly a business to business platform and is incredibly popular with businesses in the local area and beyond. For businesses looking to invest in long-term contracts for pest control, management and proofing measures, LinkedIn is the ideal place to look for more information. You can contact Dale via LinkedIn at any time.

Pest control is a necessary part of managing how successful people, animals, mammals, birds and insects live alongside each other. And this is why The Pest Technician wants to share as much information about pest control techniques, along with real-life stories across social media. Let’s connect!