Rabbit Control & Rabbit Proof Fencing Services in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Amber
Nuisance Level: Amber

The rabbit population in most areas of the country is out of control. Their burrowing and eating of food crops cost landowners and farmers thousands of pounds in lost revenue every year. This is why rabbit control is pegged at an amber level.

Why are rabbits such a problem?

There are many reasons why the rabbit population needs to be controlled;

  • Rabbits are prolific breeders – their young reach sexual maturity within weeks and that means the young go on to breed quickly. They also live in communities thus a small community of rabbits soon develops into a large one.
  • Damage to land – just seven rabbits can eat as much as one sheep and that is a major problem for landowners and managers. Rabbits have been known to not only decimate crops but also cause damage to land and trees. It can take an affected patch of land some time to recover.
  • Rabbit holes and burrows make land unstable – where there is a lot of rabbits, there will be many tunnels and burrows beneath the ground. In some areas, this can lead to unstable, weak ground as well as rabbit holes causing a problem for livestock.
  • Not just a countryside problem – rabbits burrow by rail tracks, on banks next to motorways and other roads, and can also be a nuisance on industrial parks and other commercial premises.
  • Gardeners nightmare – in some areas of the country, the rabbit population has soared so much and so quickly, gardeners planting crops at home or at their allotment are unable to plant seedlings fast enough as rabbits are eating everything they plant.

How can wild rabbits be dealt with?

There have been all kinds of tactics over the years, including the introduction of an illness that was known to kill rabbits. But since 2016, rabbits have slowly become immune to myxomatosis and as a result, the wild rabbit population in the UK is thought to be around 60 million.

As well as laying poison, some landowners allow rabbit shooting on their land. This is usually combined with ongoing rabbit proofing and control measures.

Why call The Pest Technician?

Rabbit control, eradication and proofing is part and parcel of the professional services that we offer. We have a range of methods and tactics that help to limit the rabbit population, thus limiting the damage to your land or garden.

Every landowner is expected to act to control rabbits on their land. And that means your first port of call for professional rabbit control and proofing services should be to The Pest Technician on 077 11 99 22 16.