Bird, Pigeon & Seagull Control, Proofing & Deterrents in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Green
Nuisance Level: Green

There is no doubt that dive bombing seagulls and roosting pigeons are a nuisance. Although large amounts of pigeon droppings can be a hazard to human health, in most cases the issue is not too prevalent.

But more than anything, the nuisance and damage that birds such as seagulls and pigeons cause are the real reasons why people call The Pest Technician for help.

Birds are everywhere! How can they be controlled?

Pigeons and seagulls, in particular, have adapted over the years to enjoy the spoils left behind by us humans. The pigeon would normally nest and roost on steep cliff faces but the built up city environment offers the same level of safety with a food source close by as an added bonus.

Seagulls, despite being universally despised, are intelligent birds. They remember and learn behaviour which is why they will come back to the same place time and again if they know there is food in that location.

Other birds can be a problem too, such as starlings, more so when they roost or nest in large numbers.

What are the solutions?

Seagulls at seaside towns have long been known to be problematic, scooping down to pinch food from people’s hands. From April 2017, it is now illegal to feed the seagulls, with people who continue to do so subject to an on-the-spot £80 fine.

Reducing their access to bins, compost bins and other scraps of food is also essential which is why bins and compost bins should have tight fitting lids.

For property owners, domestic and commercial, preventing birds from roosting on your building is the only way to discourage them and to protect your property from damage.

Bird proofing measures are humane ways in which to stop birds from landing, roosting or nesting on a property. It can be something as simple as a chimney cowl to roofing spikes or netting.

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