Ant Control & Garden Ant Treatments in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Green
Nuisance Level: Green

Thankfully, ants are nothing more than a nuisance although they can leave a raised bite mark on the skin. Ants are an easy insect to deal with and with many different types of ant found in the UK, we have the methods to get rid of any ant infestation.

How do I know which ant species it is?

As a country with a temperate climate, Britain has a relatively small number of ant species. Warmer parts of the country tend to have more species than further north.

Certain ants prefer certain habitats. For example, some prefer the cover and dampness of soil, others enjoy sandy based environments, and other ants enjoy living in decaying wood.

There are some ants, however, who can make their nest in a building although, in the UK, this is rare. The most common ant in the UK is the common black garden ant.

They are harmless, possess no sting but they are an active ant.

Why do ants become a problem?

Ants are active in the warmer months of the year and so we receive many calls regarding ants in later spring and throughout the summer.

There are a few problems with ants;

  • The size of their nest – depending on its location, an ant’s nest can be large with thousands of ants all working hard during daylight hours to bring the food home for the queen and the colony.
  • The location of the nest – ants will make their nest where they prefer the conditions, preferring if they can to avoid areas full of humans, pets and so on. But occasionally, the chance to make a nest in the walls of a property or right outside the front door can be too good an opportunity to miss.
  • Contaminating food – although ants don’t spread disease or germs, not many people are keen on sharing their food with ants or any other insect. For commercial companies, ants in their food stuff and animal feed is bad news.

How are ant infestations dealt with?

We have a range of methods that make dealing with ant problems simple and straightforward. However, you need to be aware that when an ant colony becomes too big, they will often divide and start to make another colony close by.

With The Pest Technician, we make sure that we deal with the problem quickly and effectively. And that a free onsite assessment to measure the scale of the problem and the best solution.

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