Bedbug Control & Bed Bug Treatments in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Green
Nuisance Level: Green

Bed bugs are small, flat, reddish-brown flightless insects that love the warmth of our beds and the readiness of a blood meal every night. They become swollen and red after sucking on your blood and although they don’t carry disease, scratching at the bite marks they leave can lead to them becoming infected.

On the danger to human health scale, it is virtually zero but on the nuisance scale, bed bugs are off the chart.

How did bed bugs get into my bed?

Increased travel has meant that the bed bug hitches a lift on clothing, bags, peoples and even pets. They are a hardy insect, surviving up to a year without food in colder climates. But once the conditions are right, they spring back into action.

They are active at night when the host – YOU! – are asleep. As well as hiding in mattress seams, they can be found in wall crevices, furniture joints and cracks and so on.

How do you deal with bed bugs?

There needs to be a combined approach of;

  • Chemical treatment – hardy insects, once we understand the extent of the bed bug problem, we will advise on the best course of action but chemical treatment will be essential.
  • Deep cleaning – as well as cleaning, remedial work may need to be carried out such as sealing cracks and crevices. Deep cleaning can mean taking furniture apart and cleaning in joints and behind wall sockets.
  • Repeat treatment – there may be a need for treatment to be repeated too.
  • Application of heat – bedding will need to be washed at a temperature of at least 60°, if not higher and tumble dried at a high temperature if possible too. Freezing items that cannot be washed will also help to rid bed bugs from your home.

Is professional pest control treatment the answer?

A bed bug infestation is one of those problems that is a nuisance and one that many people try to deal with themselves. You may be successful or you may reduce the infestation but with our treatment options, you are guaranteed success.

Our treatment services are affordable and effective. Our pest control service is discreet and with our no fuss approach, a free onsite assessment is the first step in being bed bug free. Call us today to make an appointment on 077 11 99 22 16.