Fly Control & Cluster Fly Treatments in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Red
Nuisance Level: Red

There 120,000 species of fly but thankfully, not all are found in the UK. However, the flies that are common to our climate can spread germs and disease, presenting a significant health hazard which is why if you have an on-going problem with flies, you MUST call us.

Why is there an increase in flies or around my property?

Domestic and business customers call us on a regular basis with regard to fly problems. And they are indicative of one thing – there is a protein rich food source close by.

The common house fly and the Bluebottle fly, for example, feast off ‘decaying organic matter’. These are the flies that are seen buzzing around dog and cat faeces, as well as animal dung. As well as enjoying the protein in it, they also lay eggs in it which eventually would become maggots and then a new generation of flies.

Flies, when they land on organic matter, chew it then suck it up. Their sticky feet also trap this matter in the fine hairs and so when they land on you or your food, they are spread bacteria and other pathogens which could lead to illness.

The housefly is known to carry 100 pathogens, including salmonella and the horse fly has a painful bite. If you have a fly problem, you need to call The Pest Technician.

What can be done about flies?

Invariably, the source of attraction needs to be found and removed. In most cases, the fly problem will then disappear.

However, it can be more complex than this. For example, if the source of the problem is on your property, removing it can be relatively straightforward.

Problems occur when the source of the problem is on someone else’s property or as a result of someone else’s behaviour. For example, not putting lids on bins so that flies can access food scraps. Likewise, the move to three weekly or fortnightly bin collections can also pose some problems in areas, as well as recycling containers not being emptied on a regular basis.

Why call on the professionals like The Pest Technician?

As an expert and experienced pest control company, we are used to dealing with all kinds of pest problems including flies.

First, we identify the species of fly and then go in search of the attractive source. Once we find that, we suggest a course of action that will includes removing the problem and treating the area to prevent it happening again.

We offer a discreet and no fuss service, essential for all our customers but especially important for food preparation or food serving companies.

With flies capable of spreading salmonella and other pathogens, don’t delay your call to The Pest Technician. Call NOW on 077 11 99 22 16.