Carpet Beetle Control & Treatments in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Green
Nuisance Level: Green

Not a danger to human health but like most other insects, you don’t want to share your home or business premises with them. The carpet beetle damages soft furnishings and carpets which is why dealing with a carpet beetle problem quickly is essential.

What are carpet beetles?

It is a beetle that feeds on a wide range of animal-based items such as silk, leather, fur, wool and animal hair. But that doesn’t mean you are not at risk if you opt for synthetic materials in your home. The carpet beetle is tenacious and has been known to eat synthetic materials that have been soiled with perspiration, oil or food.

Carpet beetles don’t just enjoy carpets but upholstered furniture too, blankets, coats, pillows, clothing and more. They do, however, prefer areas that are dark and undisturbed.

Outside, the beetles enjoy pollen and nectar-rich plants and can thrive outdoors in the warmer summer months. The female beetle prefers to lay her eggs where there is an abundant food source for the emerging larvae. Outside is great as is underneath your sofa and armchairs!

How do carpet beetles get into properties?

They fly in through open windows and doors. They drop down chimney stacks as they fall out of bird nests. They hitch a lift on your pet or on your clothing. They can also make their way in on cut flowers and houseplants too.

And they do so unnoticed by you.

Why turn to a pest controller for help?

There are several reasons;

  • Damage caused by carpet beetles and moths are similar but require slightly different treatment
  • Carpet beetle infestations can be bigger than you think
  • Not all shop bought treatments are effective
  • You need to understand the habits and life cycle of the carpet beetle larvae to understand where to look and how to apply treatment

In the long run, calling The Pest Technician sooner rather than later will mean a more effective response, quicker results and a smaller bill too!

For more information about the carpet beetle and to request an onsite assessment, call us on 077 11 99 22 16.