Rodent, Rat & Mice Control, Removal & Proofing in Cleveland & Teesside

Danger Level: Red
Nuisance Level: Red

Rats and mice present more of an issue to our customers than any other pest. Should a rodent infestation be allowed to continue unchecked, the damage they cause is significant.

Why such a high danger level?

Rats and mice are considered a threat to human health. This is because they are incontinent; urinating and defecating on every surface or object they come into contact with.

Within the urine, there is a bacterium which if ingested can cause serious illness in humans. Even when the rat or mice problem is cleared, the bacterium can still cause problems.

Why are rats and mice such a problem?

Both rats and mice are prolific breeders. The female brown rat can produce up to three litters a year, with up to 8 young per litter. Sexual maturity of the young is reached within weeks and they then breed… and the cycle continues. What starts as one rat with one litter can soon become several rats with many young.

As well as their increasing population, they also gnaw all kinds of materials, shedding it for nesting material. This can be anything from cardboard boxes to stored materials, wood, cabling and more.

Where do rats and mice live?

Normally, rodents live in the wild. Mice, depending on their species, enjoy the fields and hedgerows around your home or business premises.

Rats also usually live on river banks and other wild areas but pressure on their habitats from building to weather lead them to find new homes. And that means your outbuildings and shed, the cellar, the garage or even the wall cavity of your home makes a safe nesting site.

Rodents are attracted by food, mainly. From compost heaps to rubbish bins, to stored animal feeds and recycling bins, where there is food available, rodents will find it. Rats, in particular, are opportunistic and once a food source has been located, they will keep visiting.

Why turn to The Pest Technician?

Dale and his team are qualified to deal with all pests but the growing issue of the rodent population in recent years has seen Dale become a specialist in rodent control, eradication and proofing.

Many of our customers try to deal with the problem themselves but, unaware of the extent of the infestation, find this to be an expensive waste of time and money.

Our FREE on-site consultation means we can identify the scale of the problem and suggest solutions. We also provide rodent proofing measures for domestic and commercial customers. As well as cost-effective rodent control proofing and solutions, we leave you with the latest advice to stop rodents being a problem in the future.

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